About us

About us

Rik van Beek, Denturist

More than 30 years ago I began working in a dental laboratory. The dental trade began to interest me more and more every day and it did not take long before I signed up to train as a dental technician. In my senior year I was asked to join the school’s staff as an instructor. I declined their offer in order to further my education and begin training as a denturist. It so happened that I was again asked to join the staff as a laboratory instructor but I chose another option. I wanted to put all my energies into starting a denturist practice. Resigning from a good job and starting my own practice required complete dedication. The successful practice that has been created is a source of great pride to me! However, this was only achieved through the support and cooperation of the people around me! I am proud to introduce our team.



Miranda van Beek, Administrator

Miranda van Beek has been involved with the practice since the beginning and has also benefited from dental training. She handles the administrative part of the growing practice. She has always been enterprising and displays a great willingness to help people with their questions about the Dutch health care system. The number of cups of coffee that Miranda has offered our patients over the years is immeasurable!



Thijs Stevens, Denturist
In 2004, Thijs began his four-year training as a dental technician at the Vocational Institute for Dental Technology. He added an extra year of specialist training to his coursework and then started his denturist training in 2010 at the University of Utrecht. Four years later he was awarded his diploma and since then, as a practicing denturist/dental technician, he feels like a fish in water.