Dental implant

The dental implant: the difference between removable and fixed dentures

Implanted dentures

Denturist Practice van Beek is the address for implanted dentures. Rik van Beek has more than 30 years professional experience and is skilled in the application of all implant systems currently on the market. You will be in expert hands whether you are being fitted for your first prosthetic implant or for a replacement implant. The longer that a person goes without his/her own teeth the more their jaws will shrink. The lower jaw is particularly susceptible to shrinkage and a lower prosthesis often loosens because of this. Implants can be inserted in order to provide an anchor for a new prosthesis. Additionally, an implant will counter further shrinkage of the jaw.


An implant is an artificial root made of titanium, a body-friendly metal which fuses with the jawbone. Two implants are normally placed in the lower jaw during a procedure that takes about 45 minutes. Once the bone has grown onto the implant an abutment at the gum line is placed so that the prosthesis can be snapped onto it. Another frequently used method involves the placement of a rod between the two implants so that a clip under the dentures can slide over it thereby holding the dentures in place. If you would like to have more information about implants please contact Denturist Practice H. M. van Beek Lisse. We can provide you with all the information you need and refer you to an implantologist.


Your own contribution for an implant prosthesis is €125 per jaw. You will receive a complete oral-care package from us upon placement of the implant prosthesis. We suggest that you watch the informative video about dental implants produced by Straumann, the renowned Swiss implant manufacturer. In the video, Denturist Practice H. M. van Beek Lisse demonstrates the technical prosthetic portion.


Informational video about dental implants: