Mission and vision

Our mission and vision provide an insight into what our practice can do for our patients.

We aim to make our patient’s lives more pleasant and enjoyable with a high-quality dental prosthesis. We are an ambitious dental prosthetics practice and we aim to provide the best personal care and highest quality removable dental prostheses. We provide high-quality dentures with a focus on aesthetics, quality and durability. To achieve this, we call upon our expertise and listen closely to the wishes and needs of the patient. Our practice has a policy whereby the patient is treated professionally as an equal; we take as much time as the patient needs. We want the patient to have a positive experience and be very satisfied with his or her dental prosthesis; that is the goal of our practice. 

Our values and standards 
- We respect your wishes.
- We work with a committed and enthusiastic team.
- We enjoy our work and our dealings with patients.
- We keep our promises.
- We keep all our staff trained in the latest techniques.
- We continually optimize our practice organization.
- We continually optimize the practice protocols. 

We want customers to feel at home in our practice. This is reflected in the friendly atmosphere in our practice, a sense of ‘welcome’. We want to create a relationship where patients feel free to ask questions and discuss their treatment. We want to take the time for each patient and provide a good explanation of what we are doing and why. 
We do not want to provide any product that is technically or aesthetically unusable or unjustifiable. Rather, it should be a superb product from every angle: an item that satisfied patients tell their friends and family about. Our work inspires us; a close bond between our patients and our work is vital.


There are always new developments in the dental prosthetics market. We respond to these developments by constantly expanding our range with innovative, high-quality products. Digitizing the dental prosthetic is the future. These developments improve not only the dental prosthetic itself, but also our knowledge, insight, creativity, and relationship with our patients as well. 
We foresee an even stronger bond with dentists, dental hygienists, dental surgeons and implantologists. This will result in even more consultations with our professional colleagues, thereby making the procedures even easier and clearer for our patients and ourselves. 


These are our objectives with regard to the quality of our performance: 
- Provide staff training where necessary.
- Stay current with professional literature.
- Attend conferences and trade shows.
- Expand the level of care where necessary. Looking to the future, we are thinking of adding more disciplines to the practice, for example, a dental hygienist. Perhaps we will place fewer full dentures and more partial dentures.